5 Tips That Will Make Packing Easier and More Organized

Does the idea of packing for moving away create a lot of stress for you? Packing a whole house isn’t exactly a piece of cake unless you let professional movers like H.K. Movers do it for you. If you are packing on your own or even doing a part of it by yourself, these packing tips will help you do your job more quickly and in a more organized manner:

  1. Label packets and boxes – For each box that you pack, put a sticker on it with the details of the box. If you are not comfortable doing that then just assign a number to the box and write down the details of that box in your own notes. For example, if you mark a box “1”, then in your personal notes, write down the contents of the box – e.g. sheets, pillowcases and curtains. That way, you will know exactly which box to unpack when you reach your new place and need something urgently.
  2. all related items together when packing – This will help you unpack and organize your belongings in your new house more quickly. For example, if all the crockery and cutlery is in one place, then you can simply unpack those boxes to set up your kitchen instead of opening all the boxes to find kitchenware.
  3. Utilize the space in drawers – If you have a chest of drawers at home, then you can use it to pack light items that are not fragile. For example, your socks and napkins could go in the chest of drawers. To secure the chest of drawers and prevent it from opening in transit, use a heavy-duty stretch wrap.
  4. Use clothes as fillers and packing material in storage boxes – Try to avoid buying foam wrap for packing as it will generate a lot of non-biodegradable waste. Instead, use your clothes as packing material. Use thick fabrics like towels for wrapping delicate materials like glass tumblers. For bigger items like electronics, you can use bedsheets for multiple rounds of wrapping.
  5. Finish one room first before moving to the next – Try to finish packing for one room before moving to the next one. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any items while packing and that you do not leave the most difficult items for the last moment. Keeping checking items on your list as you go packing them.

We hope these tips will help you when you do your packing on your own. If you need any help with packing, you can always count on H.K. Movers!

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