We move Coast to Coast within Canada and we also do International Shipping
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1How do you price a service?

Local moves: Our moving services for local moves are calculated by the hour. There are various other factors that may impact the price for a local move. This includes the total distance (may include a fuel surcharge), stairs, packing, etc.

Long distance moves: Our long-distance moves are priced based on the weight of the items you are moving along with a few other variable costs - please inquire with us for more details.

2 Who is responsible for arranging parking at the moving locations?

Customers are responsible to arrange or cover any parking costs that occur while servicing the move.

3Do you offer Storage?

Yes, we do offer storage at our warehouse located in Brampton, Ontario. The cost is monthly.

4 Can you do overseas moves?

Yes, we can arrange for your overseas move. Please contact us for further details.

5Can you send just one man and I can help with the move?

We send a minimum of two men for our local moves.

6 What size of truck will I need? How many men will I need to do my moving?

The size of the truck you need depends on what you need to be moved. When booking a move, you will be asked for some details about the items you need relocated. Based on that information, we will then book your move accordingly with the appropriately sized truck. Typically, our team comes with 3 men to complete the job however the team can be expanded if the move is larger.

7When can we contact to book a service?

Feel free to reach out to us online anytime and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. You can also call us at 416-524-6704 during business hours to inquire.

8What is the latest we can start?

Typically, all our moves start around 9am - 10am however depending on the date and how busy we are, we can always have a later start time.

9How can I pay? When do I have to pay?

We accept payment with cash, certified bank drafts, MasterCard and VISA. Please note that there is a credit card surcharge of 3% when paying. We do not require a deposit however we do require payment for the full move right before your items are offloaded at the destination.

10Where is the team coming from (are you local)?

Our head office is in Brampton, Ontario.

11Does the price include boxes and packing?

We are happy to provide any additional moving boxes and packing material for an extra fee. We also offer packing and unpacking services for extra time payable at an hourly rate.

12Can I book just box delivery without packing?

Yes, we offer box delivery both as a single service and as part of the relocation process – box delivery, packing & removals.

13Can you handle big pieces of furniture – sofas, bed, wardrobes, pianos, safes?

Yes, we do that. For really heavy items and higher floors or the use of stairs, some extra fees will apply due to the specifications of the work.

14Do you dismantle the furniture and put them back up?

All of the moving teams are trained and equipped with the necessary tools to help with basic furniture assembly and disassembly.

15Does your insurance have limits for each item? Are you fully insured?

H.K. Movers is fully insured. Please keep in mind, we cannot be held liable for anything that is not packed by us. We do not take responsibility for anything that was packed under your own discretion.

For long distance moves, we provide full coverage which covers up to $0.60 per pound.

16Can customers travel with you in the truck? What about pets?

We do not allow customers to travel with us in our truck - you must arrange for your own ride.

17Do you provide consultation on-site (viewing)?

Yes, we do offer in-house estimates on request. We also offer a new and better way for viewings - with a mobile phone or a tablet that has a camera, there’s no need for a person to come on-site. It can all be done in under 10 minutes using a mobile device.

18What if I need to cancel a service?

Bookings can be canceled free of charge with just 48 hours' notice.

19Can I get packing materials from you and pack my items by myself? Is there a minimum quantity if you want to get packing materials from you?

Yes, you can but keep in mind that the boxes shouldn’t be heavier than 40lbs to 45lbs - this way is easier to carry the boxes. Please note we will not move anything that is not packed into boxes.

20Is it possible for the packing to be done before the moving day?

In most cases, it’s recommended to pack a few days prior to the moving day.

21How long does it take to move house?

There are many factors which depend on the time it takes to complete a move from start to finish. Our staff will calculate the estimated time based on the number of your belongings that will be moved plus the travel distance to the destination point. There are also other factors that affect the time needed for the move such as how far the truck needs to be parked from the loading/unloading point, if everything is packed into boxes beforehand in order to make the entire process quicker.

Please bear in mind that we are not allowed to move items which are: dangerous or hazardous materials, stolen and illegal goods, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods, any type of drugs, bio-hazardous items and poisons, weapons and firearms.

22Is the storage service insured? Will my items be safe in the facility?

Yes, against fire, theft and destruction of an entire container with limited coverage.

23Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Don’t hesitate to call us on 416-524-6704 to ask your questions. A friendly customer service operator will get in touch shortly and give you the answers you need and an obligation-free quote if you need one.