Tips for Packing Mattresses for Moving, ON

Once you have moved to your new home, you will realize that mattresses are some of the most important items. After a long tedious moving day you will need a calm and comfortable sleep, and this is where your mattresses will help you. If you do not pack the mattresses appropriately before moving you may end up with stained or even damaged mattresses.

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Material required

Packing a mattress is not at all difficult but it sure is tricky. Listed below are some of the materials that will be required to pack a mattress appropriately:

  • Cartons that can pack the mattress
  • Plastic bags or sheet to cover the mattress
  • Moving pads
  • Other packing supplies, such as tapes and markers

The packing guide

Before packing a mattress make sure that you have someone to help you. It can be a tedious task, so it is better to get some help from your family members or friends.

Find a carton that is able to fit your mattress. Lift the mattress and slide it into the carton. A helping person would come handy here as he or she would be holding the carton while you slide in the mattress. Once the mattress is in, use some tape to secure the opening and label the carton.

Once the mattress is packed, you can move on to the bed frames. Make use of the appropriate tools to disassemble the frames and the bed. The screws that you take out from the bed should be safely placed in a plastic bag along with other hardware. Move on to the parts of the bed and cover them with some  moving pads. Once they are covered, tape the plastic bag with screws and hardware to them so that they can be easily identified once you reach the new location.

Packing a mattress properly does take some time and effort, but if you do it the right way and follow the above guidelines, you will be have it delivered safely to your new home.

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