How to Use the Wardrobe Boxes when Moving ON

If you really want to take care of your clothes while moving then you should get wardrobe boxes. Such boxes are specially designed for hanging clothes in your closet.

Moving clothes can be challenging because it can damage it. Folding clothes to fit it in a suitcase is time consuming, so wardrobe boxes can really help you out in packing. Such boxes are just like the closets but are not that big. If you have a closet full of clothes, then you might need a couple of wardrobe boxes.

Wardrobe boxes cannot be used for clothes only. You can also use them to pack those bulky items that do not have a lot of weight such as blankets and pillows. If you have hired a Brampton moving company  – do ask them the dimension of the wardrobe boxes that they will be coming with. Once you know the dimensions of the boxes, go to your closet and estimate the how many boxes will be needed.

Do not fill in a lot of weight

While packing clothes and other items in a wardrobe box, make sure that you do not pack a lot of items that are heavy. Bulky items can be stored but they should not be heavy such as big baskets and blankets. If you store dumbbells in a wardrobe box there is a good possibility that the dumbbell will break the box by drilling a hole through the bottom. Wardrobe boxes are weakly built and are only capable of packing some light items.

Make a strategy

It is always recommended to pack the wardrobe boxes a couple of days before the move. Many Brampton moving companies are kind enough to provide wardrobe boxes before the moving day. If you are not taking help from a Brampton moving company, then you should arrange a box and start packing.

A strategy is required and should be adopted while packing a wardrobe box. Put in all your jeans, shoes and belts in the wardrobe before the moving day. On your moving day, fill in the base of the box with all the shopping bags that contain some other clothes and apparel. After filling up the base, pack the hanging clothes tightly so they do not swing from one side to the other while moving. Make sure that you cover the hanging clothes in dry cleaning bags of plastic so they do not get smelly or come to contact with dust.

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